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We can’t control what our parents did. It’s in the past.

But we can control what we do. That’s in the present. Even though it may not change our current state, it has a direct bearing on our future state.

Remember, you are what you are because of what you did yesterday. It created you. So what you do now, will gradually have an effect on what you become. Even if you do nothing, that still has an effect.

So, one small act now, then repeated tomorrow, is all it takes to bring about huge changes. People in the future will say, “Yeah but you’re lucky”.

If only they knew.


Cool But Not Necessary

Had a conversation with my BJJ instructor today. His kids are both pre-school.
Mine are post-school.
Our conversation centred around what we want for our kids. We agreed:
We don’t want them to follow our path. Cool but not necessary. We want them to have a path.
We don’t want them to have a bad attitude. We want them to have an opinion.
We don’t want them to be a big mouth. We want them to stand up for themselves.

To add one more thing – I want them to travel. To see what is around the corner. To see how others live. To have an informed opinion that would make others think and reflect.
Remembering that all those who wander are not lost.


One of the dads today spoke to me after the class about what he really wants for his two sons. He wants them to be determined. To have ‘grit’.
He said this after I finished the class with the kids squeezing their fist, gritting their teeth and saying “Determination”. I mentioned several times about situations that get hard on the mat and in life. Each time they all squeezed their fist, gritted their teeth and said “DETERMINATION”.
The Dad said to me afterwards that that was the thing that he really wanted for his boys. To teach them that being determined is a primary quality needed in life.
We then realised that we are role models to his two sons. They may not obey all of our instructions or take all of our advice, but they imitate us perfectly. They watch how we respond and copy.
The main aim for a martial arts academy is to give a young boy or girl the grit to be able to stay with a situation longer than anyone.
To stick it out.
To last longer than the quitters.
To hang in there until the job is done.

Source: Feeling Better About Yourself By Getting Personal

Pen and Sword, In Accord

Pen and Sword, In Accord.

Focus On Others

I am looking for some company. Online company.

No, its not what you think.
I know I’m not alone but right now this page tells me I am. My ‘page of meaning’ outlines 3 areas of my life that I really care about.¬†

More importantly it outlines what I’m doing about it. You see, mental problems are a result of looking within yourself.¬†Looking at your opinions of the world. View full article »

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